For my first beauty box purchase, I chose the limited edition “Why Not…Stay In” beauty box from Birchbox and I’m deeply impressed. It’s perfect for the winter when your skin tends to be on the dry side and when your time spent at home with netflix and popcorn skyrocketed (well if you are like me 🙂

I posted a shot of the box content on my Instagram feed when I first received it. By now, I’ve tried five out of the seven items in the box and here are my thoughts.

Overall, it’s a very practical box where you can use all the items in your everyday beauty routine. For that reason, the value of the box is much higher than its price of $45. Here is the unboxing photo and the list of items included in the box.

birchbox why not stay in beauty box

birchbox why not stay in beauty box item list.jpg

My favorite 3 items in the box:

  • Richer Poorer Striped Fuzzy Socks ($12)

fuzzy socks.jpg

They are currently sold out on the Birchbox website. These socks look bigger than they are depicted in the photo. hit just below my knee and are super soft and warm. I wear flip flops at home and they fit perfectly fine due to their softness. I can pair these with a robe or dress without lounge pants because of how warm they are. I often put these on after applying cream on my feet and calf so there will be no cream/oil residue on the leather sofa, and that’s probably the No.1 reason why I’m wearing them everyday now. I don’t own another pair of fuzzy socks so I don’t know if all of them are similar. If you happen to need a pair, try these out and I am almost 95% sure you will not regret it 🙂

amika nourishing hair mask

I’ve never heard of the brand before but I was very impressed with this hair mask after just one use. I used it as a conditioner, applied about a tablespoon of the white cream to my hair ends and left these on for about 5 minutes before rinsing them out. After blow-dry, my hair was almost frizz free. When I looked it up, it is apparently a star hair product and it has a very good formula (paraben and sulfate free). The formula is important as the chemicals will reduce your hair’s strength and shine in the long term. For that reason, I think I will repurchase this product in full size as it’s significantly better than any drugstore conditioners and it has a better formula than Kielh’s conditioners which provide similar results but have more chemicals.

nails-inc_nailkale_superfood-base-coatnails inc nail polish.png

The green one is a base coat and the nudish pink one is a nail polish. I’m not a big fan of applying nail polish at home as they usually don’t smell good and can get messy if you don’t have the patience to wait for them to get dry completely. I like the colors and packaging after I received these bottles. They are of decent size (14 ml each) and the bottles are well made (thick and heavy). I also like the colors, which don’t scream for attention but are good for everyday use. After trying these out, I like the base coat a lot! It is easy to apply, dries out quickly and doesn’t smell bad at all. I can’t testify to its nail strengthening effect yet as I’ve only used it once so far but I like the Brand’s innovative, better formula approach for a product category that’s usually rich in harmful chemicals. If you are in need of some new nail polish, give these a try! They are so much better and safer than the cheaper drugstore brands.

The total values of my three favorite items above already exceeds the box value, so you can consider the three below as bonuses 🙂

The body shop shea butter scrub


I’m not a fan of The Body Shop products in general as the smell of their products usually feel very artificial and the formulas are not great. However, this scrub smells pretty good to my surprise, which is a plus for me. The product itself doesn’t contain tons of scrub beads, and feels more like a cream than a scrub so you’d have to use a lot in one use. As gentle as it is, it still provides some polishing effect and does help make your skin feel a bit softer afterwards. I’m not sure whether I will repurchase it as I don’t feel it’s irreplaceable or unique as compared with other body scrubs but it’s an Okay body scrub, and one of the better products offered by the Body Shop.

Stephanie Johnson Eyemask ($29)

stephanie johnson eyemask

The ones I got looks similar to the picture above. I’ve always wanted to try an eyemask as it’s supposed to help with wrinkles under the eyes in addition to improve the quality of sleep. So I was very excited when I received it. I didn’t like the pattern (too colorful for me) but it does feel very soft and silky, which is essential for an eye product. However, the mask for some reason doesn’t stay on my head, and I end up having to look for it around my pillow every time I wake up. So I don’t know if it really helps if it only stays on for a while after I go to sleep.

I haven’t tried the last two items in the box yet: TokyoMilk candle for travel & Wei multitask mask trio. Packaging for both are cute! The candle is in a small tin with pretty illustrations and it smells good. But I read some reviews saying that the smell might be too subtle when you actually burn it. I think it’s still a cute travel size candle (4 oz size is  bigger than a lot of mini candles).

The Wei beauty mask trio collection comes with a brush! I’ve used their masks before and they are pretty good so I’m not in a hurry to try these out as I know I will not be disappointed. The reviews online are also really positive so I’m glad they are in the box.


wei beauty mask trio collection

Overall, I’m really satisfied with this box. I think Birchbox did such a nice job picking out the items that match the theme and none are bad, cheap products. I probably will buy more boxes from Birchbox in the future. Did you ever buy beauty boxes? Would like to hear about your experiences!




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