To me, one of the reasons that makes beauty purchases fun is the product packaging. I always get excited when I receive new products and open them for the first time. That’s probably why unboxing videos are so hot on YouTube.

In this post I wanted to share some bad experience with the products listed below mainly caused by poor packaging. These are big NO for me and I will not buy these again.

$50 o.5 oz/15 ml

Ahava eye concentrate

The bottle felt nicely made when I first received it. The product itself feels okay. It’s on the lighter side and I can layer it with richer eye cream. I didn’t really notice any significant results for dark circles or fine lines as the other reviewers were saying after using it about 10 days. And then I started to have issues with getting the product out using the dropper. The serum just wouldn’t come out unless I place the bottle up side down and directly pour the serum out onto the back of my hand, which defeats the purpose of using the dropper bottle design. It felt awkward and unhygienic, especially when I compare it with the similar dropper bottle design of Caudalie radiance serum that I was using at the same time. The latter worked fine until the last few drops and the bottle felt much more expensive and well made. I started to use it as a face and neck serum after the dropper issue as I am not able to get the right amount of product out and the serum started to get stuck around the bottle neck now I have to pour it out every time. I will not buy it again.

$40 3.4 oz/100 ml

Ahava dry oil body mist

Ahava dry oil body mist

This is the first time I tried dry oil products and I have to say I’m impressed with how fast it gets absorbed into your skin. It provides the instant moisturizing effect without making your skin feels oily. I used it on my legs and arms after shower and I liked it at first place until the mist spray stopped working ugh… So i had to pour it out into another empty bottle I bought just for this product and used it from there. One of the other cons that I agree with some other reviewers is that the moisturizing effect doesn’t last too long but it’s less of a concern as compared with the packaging issue.

I actually like some other Ahava products like its hibiscus & fig cream body wash and the purifying mud mask. But based on the experience above with the two more expensive products, I think I will stick to their basic offerings as their bottle packaging are of poor quality and seems to suggest that these are failed attempts to match their products’ look & feel to more expensive lines in essence.

$1.99 1.5 oz

EOS hand lotion

First, for a $2 product, I am not complaining much about this cute little hand lotion that’s 97% natural, lightweight yet moisturizing, good for carrying around, and has a nice smell. It was a surprisingly delightful product for me when i first started to use it. However, no that I almost used up the first bottle/jar, I’ve found one issue with its packaging. One of my pet peeves is that I’d like to use up the entire bottle/jar and then throw it into my empty skincare box for later review. With this hand lotion, as you have to squeeze the flat bottle to get the lotion out, you will not be able to get the final 1/4 of the lotion out unless you are okay with squeezing so hard that the cream will burst out into every direction in the air but not your hand “_”.

EOS is good at design but sometimes I feel they may have forgotten or de-prioritized  functionality in its products. For example, I was never a fan of their popular EOS lip balm. Despite its cute design and formula, it is not moisturizing, doesn’t feel natural, and the big oval bump makes it less hygienic to use overtime.

Overall, I think this lotion is much better than the lip balm and is totally worth the price if you don’t care about the tiny packaging issue. I may still buy it as I go through hand cream like crazy in the winter time. I usually open up 3-4 at the same time at home (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.), one in my bag and one in the office to keep my hands soft and moisturized.


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