There has been a lot of buzz of the Los Angeles makeup brand Colour Pop and I finally decided to give it a try. 

I don’t and can’t do any dramatic look so I picked three items out of the best sellers that can work for an everyday look. 

$5 1 oz 
It also comes with a matching lip pencil which I didn’t get. 

The lipstick comes in a paper case that was loosely open in the package, which was a bit disappointing. But the product itself looks cute with an ivory plastic tube that feels thicker than most of the drugstore lipsticks. 

It’s more on the coral, warm side than nude that I had thought of and is highly pigmented. Very easy to apply and creamy. It isn’t particularly hydrating but doesn’t dry out my lips either. I’ve included the color swatch at the end of the post. 

Overall: B+ (I wasn’t particularly impressed with the loose case in the package and the shade difference between the actual product and the picture).

$8 1.5 oz

It comes in a nice little paper case and the plastic case feels of good quality similar to that of the lipstick. The color is a bit darker than how it was depicted on the site, which is a plum pink with cool undertone and a satin finish. It is a creamy blush, and easy to apply with finger tips. Downside: It doesn’t show on my cheek until after maybe 2-3 layers of build up, which adds sheer to my face. So it is more of a subtle blush that could work for everyday look, but probably not for other occasions that ask for more brighter shades.

Overall: B+ (you need to layer on the blush for it to show, which becomes a bit harder to control. I think it probably works better for very fair skin with cool undertone).

 $5 1oz

It is not a best selling product on the site but it’s my favorite out of the three. It’s exactly what I’m looking for: a dark brown gel cream liner that slides on easily and is matte, non shining and perfect for everyday use. It’s not water proof so you can wash it out with your regular cleanser. But for the same reason, you might want to avoid using it in summer or to the beach as I can see it smudging with sweat or water. 

Overall: A- (the minus is for the loose paper case, yes, again 😦 Colour Pop needs to pay more attention to shipping and packaging I think).

Here are the actual products’ photos and color swatch on my arm.

Overall, I like the products as they seem to stand out among makeup lines in the same price range in terms of design, pigmentation and marketing. I do think packaging and shipping can be improved – no more loose paper cases please! Shipping is a bit slow. It took me almost 2 weeks to get the package with the $4.99 flat shipping rate in US.

Have you tried their products? What do you think?



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