Favorite new discovery of the month – body cream, body wash and hand lotion

Dryness is the theme word for winter in the northern states regardless of your skin type especially when it comes to body where you usually don’t spend as much time as your face. 

I’ve only recently started to research and try out different products for the body and I’ve found a few favorites that are really good for winter and they won’t break your bank 🙂 

Favorite body cream 

Juara candlenut body creme

$35 7.5 oz 


I have never been a consistent user of body cream or lotion as I always resent the feeling of oily residue. I read online one day that this cream will be absorbed instantly yet provides great hydration, and I actually just received a sample from Skinstore so I tried it out immediately. And this product really delivers!! It’s moisturizing yet doesn’t leave any residue on your skin. It probably is absorbed within 5 seconds, no kidding. Now the disclaimer: it has a very strong flowery smell. I usually don’t like products with a strong fragrance but I love this smell! Maybe because this product has a natural formula so the smell doesn’t feel artificial or chemical at all. If you are hesistant about fragrance, I recommend trying out a small sample before purchasing. 

 Favorite body wash 

Ahava mineral botanic cream wash – Hibiscus & Fig

$24 17 oz/500 ml

In the past, I always opt for body wash without fragrance but again it was probably because a lot of the drugstore bath products smell artificial . I discovered AHAVA only recently when I bought its hand cream and mud mask both of which turned out good and lived up to the reputation. I got this cream wash in a small set and was in love of it after the first use, because of its moisturizing effect and its herbal, fruity smell. I feel I will change my opinion about fragrance when it comes to products with clean and natural formula as they smell so pleasant! I also see good reviews of the lotus body wash and will probably buy again. The Ahava official site offers promotion frequently and their products are also available in Costco so it’s very easily accessible and only a tiny bit expensive than drugstore brands yet providing a much better experience. 

Favorite hand lotion

EOS refresh everyday hand lotion – cucumber 

$1.99 1.5 fl oz


I bought it at a market register. It looks cute in person (also comes in other pastel color/smell like pink and baby blue). I go through hand cream so fast in the winter as I always keep it readily available at my night stand, living room, and the office desk. I didn’t have high expectation for this beside the neat packaging as I didn’t like the renowned EOS lip balm. I felt the lip balm didn’t provide any lasting moisturizing effect. This hand lotion is so much better! It is moisturizing, more on the liquid side as it’s lotion, so easily absorbed and perfect for the office where you don’t have the time to massage your until those rich creamy products are well absorbed. I also like the cucumber touch of smell, again probably as the brand uses a lot of natural ingredients. 

Only after I wrote this post did I realize all three products are not fragrance free, which contradicts my typical preference, and I think I like them as they are all on the natural, organic side with their ingredients. I will probably continue to try more organic and natural products this year. Do you have any favorites? 


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