I get a weird sense of achievement whenever I get to throw out my skincare empties box. Maybe beacause I then can open new jars/bottles and I feel more justified as I actually use up these old goodies. 

There were times when I just have to throw out almost brand new products as I simply forgot to use them before they expire 😦 I’ve become much better at that now. Tip: For face cream you don’t like, use it as hand cream or body lotion. For fash wash you don’t like, use it as body wash.





 Here are my mini product reviews.

Skin type: combination with mild acne concern. 

Favorite ones that I absolutely will buy again:

$55 0.51 oz

Didn’t realize the name is so long…This is the best eye cream I’ve tried in this price range in terms of treating fine wrinkles, period. Already purchased anothe one.

$170 1 oz

Perfect for summer or warm weather as it’s less rich than the classic cream. So much easier and faster to apply than the classic one as well. Great for sensitive skin and has a nice calming effect.

Good ones that I might buy again

$36 200 ml/6.76 fl oz

It does it’s job but I still feel irritated a little bit from time to time although it’s targeting sensitive skin. I still use face wash after using it but you don’t need to according to the official product info. Might buy it again just to switch up a bit between cleansing balm and oil. I do like the pump packaging that makes it more sanitized to use.

$80 1.6 oz 

Only experienced little instant effect but at least it’s a product that truly delivers what it is supposed to do. Lightweight and non oily.

$49.5 1 oz

Super easy to absorb. Couldn’t tell whether it really works on dark spot correction with the small sample.

$94 60ml

Don’t really feel the firming and lifting effect but it’s a good moisturizing cream that’s soothing but not oily, easy to absorb and works well under foundation. You can get a better deal when purchasing a set at discounted price.
Okay ones that I probably will not purchase as I either don’t like how it feels on my skin (ANR) or I just don’t feel anything 

  • Fresh black tea eye concentrate 
  • Radical brightening serum 
  • Belif true cream – aqua bomb
  • Estée Lauder advanced night repair 

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