Skin type: combination with frequent breakout

Featured category: Makeup remover

  • Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment from Perricone MD

I seldom go to a local Sephora store as I purchase mostly online so I can read others’ reviews and I don’t really feel Sephora’s sales ladies are knowledgable of their products. However, one day I went to the store for a set that’s sold out online and remembered I need a makeup remover. I had pretty bad experience with almost all the makeup remover oil including those from Bobbie Brown, DHC and Philosophy. My skin breaks out after using these after only a few days. So I told the lady my concern and she recommended me a few products including this Perricone MD Blue Plasma cleansing solution. I bought a small bottle and immediately knew this was a good product for me after only one use. It’s very mild to the skin yet removes makeup thoroughly. It is of a gel texture that leaves your skin feel clean and hydrated as it’s supposed to be used as both a makeup remover and a cleanser that you don’t need to wash your face again or wipe off afterwards. So best companion for your bad days when you don’t want to spend more than a minute on cleansing. My skin does not break out after using it regularly. I bought it full price at Sephora but realized later that you can easily get it at a lower price from Perricone MD as it offers discounts often. I later also purchased a set and an still trying out other products in the same collection.

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$45 118 ml/4 fl oz

  • Boscia Make-up Break-up cool cleansing oil

I was not a fan of any cleansing oil until I tried this product. It’s developed by the renowned Japanese skincare brand Fancl, and targeting specifcally American women with concerns related to stress, sun exposure, alcohol, etc. As its name suggests, it feels cool on your skin and best of all does not cause breakout on my face.

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$10 1.7 oz or $30 5 oz

  • Eve Lom Cleanser

This is something I will keep buying without hesitation. It’s almost a staple for most of beauty bloggers and I have never tried any product that’s as good as this one. It helps exfoliate your skin while removing your makeup so it leaves your skin feel so soft and clean that you will feel very refreshed afterwards. It does take a few steps to use this product but it’s well worth the time to treat yourself with a mini-spa-like procedure at home. You have to follow the instruction or you will not feel its miraculous effect. You don’t need to use another cleansing product afterwards. The packaging also feels simple, chic and of a high quality plastic different from cheaper products.

Although this is a bit expensive, it’s not of liquid base so you only need less than a tablespoon each time. Moreover, as it also serves as an exfoliating cleanser, I only use it at most 2 times a week so one jar goes a long way. Some people thought it’s cheaper to buy the biggest jar but I recommend a small jar as the product expires after 9 months and I highly doubt that anyone can finish the biggest jar within 9 months as it’s not supposed to be used every day. You can buy it from Eve Lom official site where you can usually get a new user discount plus other promotions it offers from time to time.

I tried their cream as well but it’s too rich for my combination skin so I don’t really like it. Eve Lom rescue mask is another star product that I wanted to try next.

Buy here

$50 1.6 oz or $80 3.3 oz


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