Happy new year! 

Let’s face it, it’s time for another new year resolution list, or maybe you can just copy and paste the list from last year or the year before just in case you haven’t achieved your goals from the prior year 😋

Here are mine for 2016:

  • Stay healthy by drinking lemon water (less ice), getting sufficient sleep, eating less processed food and sugar, continue with average of 8k+/day steps.
  • Be an early bird and spend at least 30 min each morning to read before getting ready for work.
  • Be a better driver.
  • Stay highly focused at work and get better at building relationships with different teams, and continue to improve strategic thinking, writing and presentation.
  • Get “exceed expectations” in at least 5 items in annual reviews. 
  • Get better at tennis and cooking.
  • Buy less but buy only things that embrace the spirit of craftsman. Reject everything that are of cheap quality and poor taste. 

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