Louie Vuitton monogram bags are probably the most classic luxury bags in the globe with the distinguishable pattern, the durable leather, simple styles plus the relatively cheaper prices. However, as versatile as the pattern is, it actually does not go with every outfit mostly due to the color pairing. 

In my eyes, it goes best with fall/winter outfits as the classic monogram pattern is amplified by neutral darker colors like army green, brown and burgundy. 

It also works really well with crisp black and white outfits. 

Stripe and neutral also could be a good option.


When it comes to denim, the darker color looks sharper than lighter denim. Let’s see a comparison below. I like the first pairing much better than the second pairing. 



Not as good 

Lastly, it doesn’t seem to complement green, red or pink shades as well. 


In general, as the monogram is such a classic and highly recognizable pattern, more neutral colors work better so as to amplify the bag instead of more pop colors.  


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