Delaware water gap is a national recreation area that offers numerous hiking trails, biking paths, boating and other outdoors activities. It is located at the borders between New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and is named after the Delaware River that runs through the mountains, creating a water gap.

I went there in summer time and enjoyed the calm scenic walking paths, the cool weather near the silver thread waterfall, and the challenging Tammy mountain hiking trail. It is also mostly pet friendly except the waterfall path. I didn’t climb to the top of the Tammy mountain as we spent too much time elsewhere earlier in the day. It takes about 3-4 hours to climb to the mountain top and back down from the visitor center. Although the total length of the trail is not too long, because of the elevation and the unpacked road, it’s quite exhausting and you can see people stop to rest along the trail all the time. The view is absolutely worth it and after seeing the beautiful photos others took in the autumn, I think I will pay the mountains a visit in a few months again. Hope you will enjoy your visit! 


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