In the previous post, I shared designer box bags that were gorgeous looking that come with luxury price tags. In this one, I wanted to share a few contemporary box style bags that are more affordable with chic design that can complement your outfit! 

  1. Mackage Rubie Mini Crossbody Bag

Mackage is a Canadian brand that’s more well-known for its leather jackets and winter coats. The Rubie bag is its most popular bag design that comes in different colors and leather materials. I once spotted a blue one on the street and was deeply impressed by the rich color and unique style. It’s also light and easy to carry around. 

The best part, the bag is only $350 with a luxury look. You can also get it with further discount sometime at Shopbop, Revolve Clothing. The black one is definitely the most classic color but I also like the blue and grey one.


  2. Henri Bendel Uptown Satchel

Henri Bendel is perfect for people who’d like to try different colors and styles with their constant new bag rollout and discount that makes the bags more affordable. I wouldn’t say their design is unique as you can probably spot some more famous designer elements here and there on their bags. But the quality is solid and they have a great variety of colors. The uptown satchel is a classic looking bag that is perfect for everyday use. 

It is around $500 but you can always get a good deal if you pay attention to their site promotion from time to time. It comes in many colors so I’d suggest you either go to the store to take a look or think about your wardrobe color to see what could work better.


3. Reiss Box Bag in Luggage Style

I fell in love with this cute bag when I was researching for contemporary box bag design. It just looks so elegant and charming. However, I wasn’t able to find the model pictures or find it in store so I’m not completely sure how it looks in person. It comes in one color, the cream neutral color that goes with everything. At a $200-300 price tag, you really couldn’t expect more than what it offers. If you’ve seen this bag in person, let me know what you think.



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