Some thoughts on the book “Becoming Steve Jobs”

I’m 2/3 through the book and it’s one of the best books I’ve read lately. There are a lot of good stories and the ought provoking moments throughout the book. 

In the chapter around the Apple store opening planning, Steve insisted on providing a visual appealing and truly informative experience in the signature Apple stores despite opposition from various parties. Although the decision to open Apple stores seems obvious when looking in hindsight, the opposite parties actually had very solid reasoning based on the sales decline seen across the consumer electronic device retail chains. We all know what happened afterwards. The Apple stores became the most successful retail store in the world in terms of sales per square feet. 

Something struck me when I read this. A lot of times we predict future success based on how others are doing. It is a good indicator but true success only lands on few people though a lot more share the same ideas and start out in a similar fashion. Why? Only few people are willing to think through really hard and don’t mind the tedious and lengthy process in between to make things look great.

 When your services or products are truly great, people are willing to pay a premium price. That’s the confidence and motivation we need to be good at work. 


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