Do you really need to change your job to become happier?

I was reading a book on Hapiness and I wanted to share some thoughts from the book that I relate to. 

I’ve changed job a couple of times. While some are the right decisions as the career path or the companies were not compatible with my goals, the others were questionable choices. Looking back, some could have provided me with better opportunities if I has just stayed longer. At that time, a new job seemed so appealing and exciting. We all fantasize about a new job even when the ones we have are not too bad. Some reasons include that we simple get bored with doing similar things, or the commute is too long, or the money is not good enough. 

While the commute or a siginificant boost in salary or title could be valid payoffs for a job change, a small increase in compensation or title will usually lead to the same frustration you experienced at your old job soon, if not more. After all, you need to work extra hard to prove yourself and get familiar with the new system, new boss and new team when you make a switch, which can take up to 6 months and you will usually not be considered for a promotion or raise within the first year after you start at the new position.

So if you want to give your old gig anothe try, what could help you cope with the boredom or dissatisfaction you bear with your old job?

One simple yet effective method is to remind yourself the benefits you have at the new position that you take for granted as compared with your old job. For instance, I used to have to work late for reporting often as the junior person who was supposed to complete reporting was careless and incompetent. Now I have a team of mostly hard working people, and hours are not bad.

The other approach is simply to be more grateful. It sounds like cliche but it works wonder if you consistently practice it in your life.

Also, you might want to check your expectations especially if you are just imagining what a perfect new opportunity would be like: higher pay, less stressful, more fulfilling. 

Lastly, don’t make the same mistakes. Think about all the jobs you have and the things in common that you are not happy about. If you do make a switch, make sure to look for signs of these things. 

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