Did you get your Mansur Gavriel fix today?

Mansur Gavriel’s relaunch event today has stirred up a lot of emotions throughout the day. People were waiting, anxious, upset, excited, and there were 1k + comments under MG’s Instagram account before the relaunch took place. Not surprisingly, the bags were sold out within 10-15 minutes after the relaunch and resellers already began to list the bags for higher prices. 

For a company that’s so young and only selling limited design and products, this is almost unbelievable. The Purse Forum blog also mentioned that they have not heard so many people asking about a bag in a long time. Now although some people claim that they have had enough with the MG hunger marketing and are moving on, the rising popularity of the brand seems to indicate otherwise. After all, the MG bags are among the best designed bags in their price ranges and they look fabulous in photos, and we just care about outfit photos so much, don’t we 😛

Last but not least, luckily I also was able to get one classic mini bucket in that 10-15 minute window! I am looking forward to its arrival.


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