This post is not for you if you have endless fashion budget and can afford to have many pieces that you only wore once to rot at home 🙂 For most people even those who love fashion, it’s important to make the best use of our budget and closet space and don’t have tons of items where we end up having to donate or resale which takes unnecessary time and energy. For me, I’d like to share a few tips that work for me to restrain from impulsive purchases that I’d regret later on.

1) For any items over $50, buy those in store instead of online. Go check it out in store and try it on before you hit the “submit your order” button. Everything is glorified and looks adorable online. With the perfect lighting, the photo processing with all pictures, let alone models with long straight legs and perfect proportion, sure every outfit looks appealing. However, only when you try it out online will you know whether the color and fit look flattering on you, whether the material is see-through, of good quality and whether it’s something that accommodates to your personal style.

2) Aim for “A-level” outfits that you will feel good in them especially staple pieces that make up for most of work and urban chic styles. They might be more expensive per piece but will save money in the long term. How? For instance, if these are jeans, buy 2 pair of designer jeans instead of 5-6 pair of random ones. Designer jeans are usually more soft, flattering and will make you feel comfortable wearing them all day. Otherwise, you will not stop shopping for the “perfect pair”. For anything that’s just “okay” and you are not in love with, don’t buy those. Your closet space should be reserved for only “Great” buys.

3) It might sound ironic but it works: go for the most expensive piece in the category that you can afford. This is particularly true with handbag purchases for me. After you’ve seen and carried a bag with decent leather, sturdy structure and sleek design, it’s hard for an item of lesser quality to win you over, which means your wish list will become shorter though more expensive and that’s okay. We can decide on an annual allowance and decide on which ones we will invest this year without being distracted by countless promotions throughout the year. To be honest, no one needs that many bags anyways if you really wanted to carry all of them more than once or twice.

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