Everyone needs an everyday tote for work or travel. In addition to the Louie Vitton Neverfull or Longchamp totes which dominate this category especially in New York, there are other options available in all price ranges. I’d like to introduce 3 totes that you may not know of that are light weight, functional, versatile and inexpensive.

The first one is Ann Taylor Gallery Tote.
I first saw it online in ExtraPetite’s post (photo below) which featured the beige/light pink option. IMG_2580.JPG

I was delighted when I checked it out in store as the material felt good and the bag looked chic. It is light to carry around and comes in several colors. I’ve started to see the tote around more and more in New York these days and it is becoming popular.

The 2nd tote is from Banana Republic.

I became a fan instantly after I saw it in store. This Ashbury tote also comes in several colors and doesn’t add burden to your shoulder at all. The leather looks and feels smooth.


The last one is the Tumi Q tote if you prefer something with a zipper. It’s structured, sturdy and has several compartments which makes it perfect for business or travel to help you stay organized.


All of these totes are below $300 and you can usually get these at cheaper prices when they are on sale.

Which one is your favorite?

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